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A Staunch Advocate For Professional Athletes

For professional athletes, performance is everything. Your performance shapes your compensation as well as the course of your career. To continue performing at the highest level, you need to limit distractions off the playing field. That means having a legal representative who can take care of the business side of sports for you.


At Tympanick Law, P.A., I serve as a strong advocate for professional athletes in a wide array of sports. I’m lawyer Matthew Tympanick, the firm’s founder, a sports enthusiast and former student-athlete. I understand and appreciate the challenges and demands of an athletic career. My passion lies in helping athletes pursue their own passions with the legal protections they need to avoid pitfalls and flourish.

Maximizing Your Value And Protecting Your Prospects

In most major league sports, players’ careers are relatively short. Your prime may only last a handful of years. Given this limited timeframe, it’s imperative to maximize your value with every contract you sign. I can help you do that.
I provide representation and guidance on issues including:
  • Drafting and analyzing contracts
  • Bargaining services
  • Negotiating endorsement contracts and commercial transactions
  • Resolving disputes over sports injuries
When it comes to handling disputes, I’m no stranger to the courtroom. My prior experience as a prosecutor equips me to be an aggressive, effective advocate, both in court and at the bargaining table.

Get Legal Guidance To Help Your Career Take Off

Learn more about how I can help you thrive as a professional athlete by navigating the legal hurdles that could otherwise set you back. For a free initial consultation, contact me online or call 1-888-NOPANIC. Based in Sarasota, I handle sports law matters for clients throughout Florida’s Suncoast.