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A Trial Attorney You Can Count On From Start To Finish

Serious legal issues call for a skilled, experienced lawyer. At Tympanick Law, P.A., I have the day-in, day-out court experience you need for the best chance of success.

Before founding my firm, I worked as a prosecutor in the 12th Judicial Circuit State Attorney’s Office, where I conducted numerous trials spanning from misdemeanors to felonies. My experience handling high-stakes cases has given me valuable insight that I now put to work in defending clients against criminal charges. I also use those skills when fighting for justice in personal injury cases or advocating for athletes in sports law matters.

Learn more about my background and professional experience:

Committed To Clients

At Tympanick Law, P.A., clients come first. My practice is centered on your legal needs. Whether you’re facing life-changing criminal charges or have suffered a life-altering personal injury, you can trust that, here, you will be in capable hands.

The Mission And Vision Of Tympanick Law, P.A.

At Tympanick Law, P.A., my mission is simple: To provide excellent representation that is accessible, transparent and innovative, during a time when people need it most.

My vision is to be the go-to criminal defense and personal injury law firm throughout the Florida Suncoast region. If someone is arrested or injured, they won’t panic; they will simply call Tympanick.

My Values

My practice rests on the foundation of these values:

  1. Transparency: I ensure that every client is made aware of the realities of their case from the initial meeting. Transparency allows all my clients to make the most informed decisions throughout the process.
  2. Attainable private counsel: I know that my clients come from various economic backgrounds. With that in mind, I provide personalized payment plans that meet your financial needs.
  3. Excellence: I strive for excellence in everything I do. Whether it be a pre-trial hearing or a jury trial, a $1,000 case or a $10,000 case, I will provide exemplary representation throughout your case. You can rest assured that you are always getting my best efforts, all the time.
  4. Creativity: Life happens in shades of gray. I refuse to see any case as black and white. My innovative mindset and diverse background allows me to view your case from multiple angles and explore every option available to find the best possible defense for your unique circumstance.

Who I Work With

While I represent clients from all walks of life, I have a special connection with:

  • First-time offenders: Sometimes people make a mistake, are in the wrong place at the wrong time, or encounter hard times and face criminal charges. If you’ve never been arrested or had a criminal record, facing charges can be especially scary. You can count on me to represent you.
  • Athletes: I’m a former athlete myself as well as an avid sports fan. I provide skillful representation for amateur, professional and student athletes, both on general sports law matters as well as criminal defense.
  • Retirees and senior citizens: Florida is a beautiful place to spend your retirement. My parents also chose to retire here. I help our state’s retirees and senior citizens when they encounter trouble.
  • People with mental disabilities and neurodivergent individuals: As someone whose family has witnessed firsthand how the criminal justice system can disproportionality impact people with mental disabilities, I am dedicated to helping those that need it the most.

Don’t Panic, Call Tympanick For A Free Consultation

You have nothing to lose by giving me a call at 1-888-NOPANIC or sending an email. I will give you an honest assessment of your case and let you know what I can do to protect your rights and freedoms.

Based in Sarasota, I work with clients in the Florida Suncoast communities, from Tampa to Naples. I can travel to you or meet via virtual visit or phone.